The People's Sheriff

I prioritize people over politics, focusing on grassroots issues. Together, we will be making history as I will be the first sheriff in the state of Florida to donate half of my salary back to the community in year one. I am committed to helping our community and organizations supporting safety, aiding veterans, combating homelessness, address mental health awareness, breast cancer and cancer awareness, and supporting families with disabilities and autism, all while fostering unity. Additionally, I will establish more youth programs and prioritize cracking down on gang violence, fentanyl, and other illicit drugs while removing illegal guns from our streets. Protecting our beaches and borders is important to our communities safety. School safety is also paramount. I back the blue and support the Second Amendment 100%. I’m a very proactive individual and a successful businessman. My previous affiliation was with the Republican party, I am now running as a Democrat in this local election. I can relate to both parties and is the reason why I am the best candidate for the job. I am here for ALL people regardless of party affiliation. My foremost commitment is to the safety and well-being of our community. GIORDANO is the PEOPLES SHERIFF! 

Giordano’s mission for St. Lucie County

“One of my top priorities is to build positive relationships between law enforcement and the community. I believe that fostering trust and mutual respect is critical for creating a safe and supportive community.“

People Over Politics

Steven Giordano has been a resident of St. Lucie County since 1989, demonstrating a profound commitment to his community and a strong determination to enact positive change. He possesses a keen understanding of the unique challenges facing St. Lucie County and is deeply committed to collaborating with fellow community members to address these issues effectively.

A primary focus for Steven is fostering constructive relationships between law enforcement and taxpayers, recognizing that trust and respect are fundamental pillars of a secure community. He has diligently cultivated strong partnerships with community stakeholders and organizations, a commitment he intends to uphold upon assuming the role of Sheriff.
Steven’s dedication to family safety, security, and values underscores his unwavering devotion to the well-being of his community. He actively engages across the Treasure Coast to create opportunities for the flourishing of young people.
With a decade of service in the St. Lucie County Sheriff’s corrections division as a Deputy Sheriff, Steven has amassed a wealth of experience, earning specialized training, certifications, and accolades for his exemplary work. He briefly pursued a career as a bail bondsman and currently serves as a Nuclear Security Officer at FPL Hutchinson Island Nuclear Power Plant, where he plays a crucial role in safeguarding against nuclear sabotage. His role demands a high level of proficiency, attention to detail, and a profound sense of responsibility, qualities that position him favorably for the role of Sheriff.
The amalgamation of Steven’s extensive experience and unwavering commitment to public safety renders him an exceptional candidate for Sheriff. He is steadfast in his resolve to nurture trust and collaboration between law enforcement and the St. Lucie County community, championing diversity and inclusivity in policing.
Steven eschews the trappings of politics, instead embracing the mantle of “The People’s Sheriff,” dedicated to prioritizing the needs of his community over personal gain. His aspiration is to effect positive change in the lives of St. Lucie County residents. Your support for Steven Giordano is greatly valued and appreciated.


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Letter from Giordano

As the new sheriff, I plan to implement several policies aimed at reducing the number of repeat offenders in our county jail. By introducing various programs and initiatives, we can help lower the jail population, which will save taxpayer dollars in the long run. Additionally, I will be personally contributing a portion of my salary in the first year of being sheriff to help with veterans assistance, homelessness, mental health awareness, youth programs, breast cancer support, and aiding families with disabilities. By addressing these issues early on, we can prevent them from escalating and resulting in criminal behavior.

To further cut down on unnecessary spending, I will implement measures to reduce budget costs across the board. This will ensure that our retsources are being used effectively and efficiently . Furthermore, I will maintain and open-door policy for both residents and employees within the Sheriff’s department. By encouraging open communication and transparency, we can foster a safe and productive environment for everyone involved.

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